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Decisions form the basis of our lives. Life is full of them and evolves as a result of them.Image

Every moment in our life demands a decision – right or left, latte or flat white? red or black? Thai or Mexican? chocolate or nuts? drive or walk? slow or fast? NZ or Aus?

We’ve to take some decisions quickly, while there’s plenty of time to think about others. Some of them have transient impacts while others leave long term effects, which we may regret or feel happy about.

Every time we have to take a decision, we try to take the ‘right’ ones. So, why is it that some of them turn out to be the ‘wrong’ ones? Or is it just our impression of it?

If you feel concerned about any decision, these 3 key steps may help to judge them, without being judgemental about your capabilities:

  1. Think of the state of your mind when you had to take that decision.
  2. Reflect on the circumstances surrounding that decision.
  3. How did you feel after making that decision?

It’s important to remember we will never always be able to take the ‘right’ decisions, because what seems right today may seem wrong tomorrow! It’s also our perspective around our decisions that influences how we feel about them.

In most cases, we can learn from our decisions to help improve our future decisions.


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