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Responsibility of a blog

Someone recently mentioned a prominent writer they know makes sure he writes two thousand words every day, irrespective of what that revolves around.

And here, I have been struggling to start writing at least two hundred words ‘regularly’, not irrespective of what I write.

Having seriously thought of starting a meaningful blog, I must state I did some serious research and explored a number of blogs and blog sites. One common tip they all offered was – “Write regularly, and be meaningful”.

At the same time I always smile when I think of how a picture can say a thousand words. So, I decided to use a meaningful picture and a few meaningful words for my posts – that makes it more than a thousand words, and an encouraging start to aspire to become a prominent writer!

But more than the idea of making a name as a writer, I feel it’s important to be a responsible writer with a view to inspire, involve and inform.

A blog assumes importance due to a variety of reasons – its quick-impact value, the power of getting updated, the option of being interactive, ease of management, control of content and the reach, to name a few.

With so much influential power to wield, the responsibility of a blog multiplies with each update. Having said that, blogs have a fun side to them too – and not all blogs can be or need to be taken seriously. Some of them are written just for laughs, but still can retain a directional responsibility!

This blog will endeavour to have a direction – reviewing various interesting events, people, objects, places, foods and more – in a fun and interesting way.

Just like the path of life, this journey of wondering with words may have curves, twists and turns along the way, but it eventually helps foster growth and learning. The wonder of words lies in their usage – results can be exceptionally powerful and magical!

ps: Please leave comments if you want – I appreciate your feedback!


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